Local SEO

Let’s put your business on the map in your area and let customers find you when they’re in the neighbourhood.
Local SEO

What is Local SEO, and why do you need it?

Local SEO focuses on ensuring people in your area and city can find your company on search engines like Google and Bing. It increases your business visibility and puts your pin on consumers’ maps.

City, state, postcode, and “near me” searches are among the local SEO criteria, with geo-location playing a key role in the process. As a result, this type of SEO largely relies on location and works to help consumers find you by raising your local search ranks. 

If you’re looking to attract new customers and improve conversion rates, Local SEO can help.

Generally, customers search for businesses in the local vicinity. Improving your local SEO ranking puts you in front of consumers nearby who are actively searching for companies like yours.

The higher your ranking, the more likely you are to be selected by a consumer. Additionally, local SEO conversion rates are high, making this a valuable medium to engage in.

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Achieve your 2023 business goals with Red Herring Digital!

There’s a reason why our clients see impressive results. We have a unique process, effective strategy, and powerful creative at our disposal.

Whether you want more sales, more leads, or to improve your brand’s positioning, we have the right knowledge and expertise to make it happen.

What sets us apart from the rest?

Our locally based team monitors and analyses your website regularly to ensure it’s a converting machine.

We regularly assess, manage, and optimise your SEO, to improve your brand ranking and deliver you a clear ROI.

We touch base regularly to see how your business is performing and to relay any valuable information back to our team.

Attract new leads in your area and boost your conversion rates

If you’re looking to boost your SEO, then we’re the agency for you. We can help your organisation improve their local SEO ranking and start seeing more traffic. We’ll take the time to get to know your brand and its objectives and create a strategy to help you see results. 

We understand the intricacies of SEO and know how to analyse your efforts and determine how we can improve them. Local SEO is a valuable digital marketing medium for which you should consider implementing a strategy. With such a high conversion rate, it’s a no-brainer. Ranking highly in local SEO puts you ahead of your competition and will help you capture valuable leads that convert to sales. 

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It’s time to be a success story

When consumers search for a product or service, they often search online. Search engine algorithms have gathered data over time and come to the understanding that consumers generally are looking for goods and services that are close by. So search engines will suggest businesses with the desired offering that are in the area to the consumer. 

If you implement local SEO techniques, your business will be the one consumers find and engage with. Therefore, local SEO can increase online visibility, dominate your competitors, and generate more leads. 

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from local SEO and should implement it to be visible to active consumers within close vicinity. 

Local SEO uses keywords and your location to improve your web presence in your area. Boosting your local SEO ranking and outranking your competitors increases website traffic which equals leads. We’re happy to say that data has proven that local SEO has a high conversion rate among consumers making it a valuable digital marketing medium to consider. 

Juggling your SEO efforts and operating your business can be time-consuming and challenging. Instead, let the local SEO experts at Red Herring Digital do it for you.

SEO is the broad umbrella term for all other types of SEO. Search engine marketing or SEO uses keywords to optimise your website for search engines such as Google, Bing etc.

Local SEO uses your business’s location and keywords to be suggested to customers searching for your goods or services in their area, also called ‘near me’ searches. In summary, local SEO targets customers who may physically visit your store and live in your locality. 

On the other hand, Global SEO is where you create and optimise content to reach international markets. A global SEO strategy would allow you to rank highly internationally on search engines for particular keywords. This means international consumers can locate your offering when searching in their home country.

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