Born from a shared passion of helping Australian businesses succeed.

Alex and Phil started Red Herring Digital in 2015. Flash forward to today, we’re a blooming digital marketing agency situated in Melbourne’s Inner West.

With industry professionals from Marketing, Media, and Communications, we offer a full service that is truly unique and tailored to your brand. 

Some of our partners include...

Red Herring


The ability to grab peoples attention and become the central point of focus.

As the fable goes, Red Herrings are used to train hounds to follow the scent of their target. As your Red Herring, our mission is to keep you following the path to success.

We are more than just your average digital agency. We are adventurous, driven, and want to break boundaries to get you measurable results.

Our team are a collective of expert creatives with skills under the umbrella of marketing, media, and communications. Let’s get better acquainted.

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