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Are you tired of relying on massive advertising spending to carry your brand? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an effective long-term tool that positions your brand as an “industry leader” through organic search.

Attract eager customers

There are over 250,000 Australian Google searches every single day. That’s 250,000 chances they’re searching for your business. But there is more to it than pumping cash into Google and hoping for the best.

Those who find your website organically tend to be more interested in your offering than those who come solely from PPC. Our data shows that consumers spend on average 2X longer on your site compared to those from paid searches.

Why? Because they have taken more time to understand your business by researching what’s on offer, and they are keen to find a hidden gem amongst the sea of options.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of optimising a website for relevant keywords in order to improve a website’s ranking on search engines such as Google or Bing etc.

Improving SEO ranking can be done in a few ways, including employing techniques like content optimisation, keyword research, backlinking etc. With a fully optimised website, the aim is to be more visible and easily discoverable to users browsing the internet for specific keywords and relevant terms. Overall SEO, when done correctly, should organically drive more website traffic, as opposed to paid ads.

Our unique process

You have targets to hit, and we’re here to help you smash them. Without completely divulging our secrets, our monthly SEO process looks a little like this…

We improve your Search and direct potential leads to your website, encouraging them to complete a lead generation form, call you directly, or purchase your products. Looking for a combination of results? No problem, we’re the agency you’ve been searching for.


It’s time to be a success story

This answer depends heavily on your budget and the results you’re looking to achieve. We generally recommend investing in both SEO and paid advertising to achieve results quickly and sustain them. 

SEO is an organic way to improve your search engine ranking and put your brand in front of consumers that are searching for your keywords. However, it is a slow and competitive process that requires strategy, time and analysis.  

However, if you have a low marketing budget, then SEO is the best option for increasing website traffic and visitors without breaking the bank.

Paid solutions like PPC and social media advertising are incredibly useful tools that belong in every campaign, but in highly cutthroat markets, the prices for attracting customers can soar. 

With that said, paid advertising doesn’t always need to break the bank. A good agency can work within your budget to help you achieve the results that you are looking for.  

Paid advertising targets the right demographic and audience that suits your brand and puts you in front of them when they are on social media. Depending on the mediums that you advertise on, consumers may be looking for your offering, ideas, or options, or it may be presented to them when they are not actively looking for your goods or services.

Both SEO and paid advertising are effective marketing strategies that work well in conjunction with one another. However, if you are looking for one or the other, then your budget, time frame and objectives will be the decider for which suits your brand best.

SEO is the broad umbrella term for all other types of SEO. Search engine marketing or SEO uses keywords to optimise your website for search engines such as Google, Bing etc.

Local SEO uses your business’s location and keywords to be suggested to customers searching for your goods or services in their area, also called ‘near me’ searches. In summary, local SEO targets customers who may physically visit your store and live in your locality. 

 On the other hand, Global SEO is where you create and optimise content to reach international markets. A global SEO strategy would allow you to rank highly internationally on search engines for particular keywords. This means international consumers can locate your offering when searching in their home country. 

Having an agency complete an SEO site audit is a great way to review your current website and determine how optimised it is for search engines. This will give you an indication of how visible your website is to users searching for relevant keywords to your business and its goods or services. Here are some of the benefits of conducting an SEO audit:

  1. Improved website ranking: The overall goal of improving SEO is to improve your website’s ranking on search engines. Therefore, an SEO audit will determine if there are any technical issues that may be preventing a website from having a higher ranking on search engines. An SEO audit will also identify any opportunities for website optimisation to improve SEO ranking too. 
  2. Increased website traffic: After fixing any technical issues and enhancing website optimisation, your website should rank higher for chosen keywords. With a higher search engine ranking and improved visibility, an SEO audit can help drive more organic traffic to a website. 
  3. Improved user experience: An SEO audit can pinpoint and resolve usability and functionality issues affecting the overall user experience. For example, these could be issues such as slow load times or broken links.
  4. Competitive edge: An SEO audit gives your business a competitive advantage. With an expert’s help, you can identify and resolve underperforming areas on your website that your competitor may not be aware of. Not to mention an SEO audit can provide suggestions on how to improve your SEO ranking.
  5. Measurable outcomes: When completing an SEO audit with an agency, you will receive an overview of your website’s strengths and weaknesses. Following the audit, you can implement the strategies outlined to improve the optimisation of your website.
  6. Keeping up to date: By running regular SEO audits, you ensure that your website remains updated with the most current search engine algorithms and the best techniques to maintain your website’s ranking and visibility over time. 

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