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Have you been posting day in and out without successfully gaining traffic to your website? Luckily, you found us.

We’re a Melbourne-based social media agency dedicated to creating engaging content and strategies to get your social media channels noticed and increase your profit.

Mixing creative with strategy

Are you after attention-grabbing content and real results? If so, your social media strategy will be devised with clear objectives in mind and executed by a team of creatively gifted content creators and marketers.

We know how to make all of your business’s digital aspects work together and support each other. The strategies we create ensure that your online presence is seamless, harmonious, engaging, and visually stunning.

Prepare for your social media accounts to undergo a strategic and aesthetic transformation. Complete with social calendars, video scripting and directing, promotions, campaigns, competitions, reporting, and more.

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Achieve your 2023 business goals with Red Herring Digital!

There’s a reason why our clients see impressive results. We have a unique process, effective strategy and powerful creative at our disposal. 

Whether you want more sales, more leads, or improve your brand’s positioning, we have the right knowledge and expertise to make it happen. 

Looking beyond the feed

Our creative team knows what content will work best for your specific needs, whether you are after brand awareness, image curation, or sales. Many agencies fail to get the most out of your social media accounts simply because they don’t understand the importance of having the right content. Weaving creative and strategy together, we specialise in humanising your brand through your social media channels while optimising your entire platform to drive traffic and make sales.

Are you an eCommerce business looking to up your social media game? We’ll help set you up so your ad campaign will succeed.​

If you want your social media accounts to be a successful arm of your social media marketing funnel, you’ll need a professional agency to put you on the right track.

We will help you…

So, Why should you trust us to help?

Well, we aren’t like other agencies. Our team wants to see you to succeed. Since 2015, we have proudly helped many Australian businesses reach their full potential. 
We have been successful in being able to do this through our unique approach. Our team will take the time to get to know your brand and its offering. The more that we learn about your organisation and your objectives the better we can help you achieve your goals. 

From here, we will make educated suggestions about which medium/s we believe are best suited to your objectives and brand. We believe in achieving measurable results when they matter most. For that reason, our team works closely with you, setting practical goals that we can exceed with skill and flair. 

We will take your business to the next level by designing and creating a tailored strategy  with the best combination of marketing tools and implement them across your digital channels, to ensure we fulfil your goals, objectives and KPIs.

If you’re uncertain about what your business needs, it’s OK! We have years of experience and industry knowledge to place your business in the right digital spots. Throughout our discovery session, you will learn exactly what needs to be done to meet your goals, and we will discuss the best way to get you there.

It’s time to be a success story

Recent Case Studies

NBL Store

NBL Store is the official merchandise store of the NBL. As part of the First Ever group, they offer the NBL community a wide range of team apparel and more.

Lift Women

Born out of the pandemic in 2020, Lift Women was created to connect, inspire and empower women and girls to start their own businesses. They do this by providing a trusted, safe, accessible and affordable channel to receive crowdfunding.


Born out of the pandemic in 2020, Lift Women was created to connect, inspire and empower women and girls to start their own businesses. They do this by providing a trusted

Social media management involves overseeing, creating, posting, reviewing and analysing content and interactions on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. 

The overall aim of social media management is to improve brand awareness, build an audience, maintain a positive online presence, engage with the target audience, drive website traffic and accomplish specific objectives.

In closer detail, this might include creating content for campaigns, creating a schedule of posts, scheduling posts once approved, observing and replying to comments and any messages, examining the data, and designing and implementing social media strategies in line with business objectives.

When you come on board for social media management, we will oversee selected social media platforms for your brand. Our team of industry professionals will design a strategy, create custom content tailored to your target audience, publish and respond to any comments and messages received. 

Overall, social media management involves curating and maintaining your online reputation and presence, customer service, curating your brand’s voice, and promoting products, services or special offers.

We’re a full-service agency and can add further services like posts across various channels, targeted pay-per-click advertising, paid online ads, SEO services, and sales lead generation.

Targeted advertising: An agency has an understanding of what your target audience will be and the tools to be able to target social media campaigns to them directly. So your campaigns will deliver better results. 

Time-saving: Social media management requires a lot of time to plan strategies, create the content, craft the copy, schedule the posts, monitor the comments and messages, run reports and analyse them to improve future posts. Hiring an agency with marketing expertise can not only give you time back in your day but also create captivating campaigns that maximise results. 

Knowledge and expertise: A digital marketing agency specialising in social media management like Red Herring Digital will have the understanding and experience to design a tailored strategy for your social media marketing that will convert. 

Cost-effective: A capable agency will be able to tailor a strategy that works towards your objectives that is within your budget.

Up to date with trends and features: Trends and features are updated and changed frequently. One of the benefits of hiring an agency for social media management is that they are up to date with the latest trends and new features, so you don’t have to be. 

Analysis of results: An agency will run regular reporting to analyse the campaigns they ran, measure the metrics and review how the posts performed. With this information, they can replicate what worked well with your target audience and make any improvements for the next schedule of posts.

Enhance customer service: Keeping up with comments and messages can be tiring, but it’s so important to build relationships with customers and earn their trust. As part of social media management, an agency will keep up with all comments and messages and respond to them promptly and professionally. 

Improve brand awareness and build trust: Posting regularly is essential. But it’s not just about quantity. Quality is even more important. A marketing agency will produce quality content that is targeted to the right audience, is engaging and prompts users to take a desired action. Over time this will improve brand awareness and trust with consumers. 

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