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Have you been posting day in and out without successfully gaining traffic to your website? Luckily, you found us.

We’re a Melbourne-based social media agency dedicated to creating engaging content and strategies to get your social media channels noticed and increase your profit.

Mixing creative with strategy

Are you after attention-grabbing content and real results? If so, your social media strategy will be devised with clear objectives in mind and executed by a team of creatively gifted content creators and marketers.

We know how to make all of your business’s digital aspects work together and support each other. The strategies we create ensure that your online presence is seamless, harmonious, engaging, and visually stunning.

Prepare for your social media accounts to undergo a strategic and aesthetic transformation. Complete with social calendars, video scripting and directing, promotions, campaigns, competitions, reporting, and more.

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Achieve your 2023 business goals with Red Herring Digital!

There’s a reason our clients see impressive results. We have a unique process, effective strategy and powerful creative at our disposal.

Whether you want more sales, leads, or to improve your brand’s positioning, we have the right knowledge and expertise to make it happen.

Looking beyond the feed

Our creative team knows what content will work best for your specific needs, whether you are after brand awareness, image curation, or sales. Many agencies fail to get the most out of your social media accounts simply because they don’t understand the importance of having the right content. Weaving creative and strategy together, we specialise in humanising your brand through your social media channels while optimising your entire platform to drive traffic and make sales.

Are you an eCommerce business looking to up your social media game? We’ll help set you up so your ad campaign will succeed.​

If you want your social media accounts to be a successful arm of your social media marketing funnel, you’ll need a professional agency to put you on the right track.

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Our intelligent social media management services

Red Herring Digital exists to deliver smart social strategies to bring businesses to the forefront of their industry. Social media marketing is one of the tools your business can use to strive, thrive and achieve incredible success in the online sphere, and Red Herring Digital is the agency that can you get there.

Your social media success is our specialty: we work closely with you to visualise and strategise a campaign that will have your brand seen by the people that matter: your target audience. Whether this be through targeted Facebook advertising, a fun, engaging and highly creative Instagram account or another digital solution – we will find whatever it is that works for your business, pinpoint it and capitalise on it.

Accordion Content

Many Facebook business pages fail because they produce content that simply doesn’t speak to their audience. Alternatively, they may be producing the right content but can’t get it to reach the client. The Facebook advertising game is a tricky thing to master, but you won’t have to worry with us as your team of experts at your disposal. We’re ready and equipped to take your social strategy to the next level.

We will work with you to gain valuable insight into your brand and what sets you apart from the competition. We then take that information to pinpoint your audience before using creative and strategic measures to ensure they not only see your content but engage with it too.

Facebook can be one of your most valuable social media marketing tools, with an endless opportunity to reach new customers across Australia and the world. Our team can develop a strategy that will work to improve your conversions in a way you may not have previously thought possible.

Instagram has huge marketing potential, with over 130 million users tapping on shopping posts every month. There are so many opportunities to create standout content on Instagram, from picture posts to business stories, and they are all making their mark as imperative social media methods for success.

At Red Herring Digital we are a team of Instagram experts. We know what separates an influential post from something that disappears down the newsfeed, and we are ready to make these posts for your business. We will help your brand stand out among the Instagram news feed, creating fun and engaging posts that put your product forward as something your customers can’t wait to snap up.

The Red Herring Digital team are on hand to discuss your social media management goals and how we can help you exceed them. If you are looking to take your Facebook and Instagram engagement to the next level, and are looking for the help of a team of experts, contact us at Red Herring Digital today.

We will host an initial consultation to discuss your business objectives and fill you in on how we can make them happen. We will then get to work on developing a winning social strategy that could see your business greatly increase its conversions and sales.

Call us on 1300 646 118 and we can have a chat about your incoming social media success.

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