Are your enrolment stats taking a dip? Maybe you haven’t found the right marketing strategy to sell your courses.

The education industry and what the typical student looks like are changing now more than ever.

With the introduction of more online courses and in-person courses and the age of traditional students increasing beyond the typical 18-24, marketing strategies and content needs to adapt with the change to speak to the diverse market.

Attracting new leads will always be at the top of Educational institutions’ goals. With a team full of experts, we know what type of content will work best to attract new prospects and showcase your offering.

Our experience within the industry has given us the know-how to create and implement funnels that attract genuine leads and guide them through their journey to convert to a sale.

We understand that for an educational organisation with a lot of online engagement, your website is a significant factor that must be optimised for the best results.

We’re experts at handling large volumes of data and know that speed and easy access are major considerations.

We also understand that creating seamless customer journeys that allow information to be accessed quickly while being user-friendly across all devices is a must.

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Deakin Res

Deakin Residential Services are more than just the official accommodation service of Deakin University. Since 2016 they have operated all student programs, events and support structures. As a result, they hold a critical role in improving and maintaining a positive student experience for students living on campus. Check out their case study to see the stats on how we helped them succeed.

View case study.

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Unlike other agencies, our team of industry professionals works in a collaborative environment to create the perfect strategy to help your business succeed.

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