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Don’t get left out in the cold after a website build. Receive ongoing maintenance and support from a reliable Australian-based digital agency.

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Fast, reliable, secure website maintenance and friendly support when you need it.

For many businesses, their website is their livelihood.

For all websites, but these in particular, that heavily rely on their website, ensuring everything is up to date and has all maintenance completed is essential to your website appearing and functioning correctly. 

Our digital agency specialises in WordPress website maintenance.

When website themes are updated, this can cause plugins like forms, image sliders etc., to stop working. The kicker is that you won’t be notified of an update or any plugin breaking, which can negatively impact leads, sales and users completing a call to action. That’s why regular website maintenance is essential for all websites.

When our team completes maintenance, we update themes, plugins and PHP and ensure that everything is functioning as it should, minimising the downtime of your website and maximising your efficiency. 

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Achieve your 2023 business goals with Red Herring Digital!

There’s a reason why our clients see impressive results. We have a unique process, effective strategy and powerful creative at our disposal. 

Whether you want more sales, more leads, or improve your brand’s positioning, we have the right knowledge and expertise to make it happen. 

What happens if you don’t opt in for website maintenance? 

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Poor website security:

Without the most up-to-date website, you are vulnerable to security breaches and threats, and for websites that store customers’ data, that’s a huge risk. 

Websites break:

Updates are sporadic, so when themes update, if plugins are no longer compatible, they will break. Unfortunately, you won’t be notified of any errors, so your website may not appear as it should, and some functions will be lost.

Search engines prefer updated websites:

Search engines don’t like sending users to non-secure websites with functioning issues. Search engines will assess and rank your website’s functionality, and if it doesn’t meet standards, your paid ads won’t perform as well, you’ll lose your SEO ranking, receive a lower authority score, and get less website traffic

Gain peace of mind knowing your website is well-maintained by a team of professionals.

Website Maintenance Packages

Our maintenance packages for your website, with all the essentials to ensure your website is secure, updated and monitored.

Website Maintenance Packages





High-performance, dedicated

local server

Daily backups

DDOS protection

Auto SSL Certificate

Content Delivery Network


Security measures are put in place to protect your
website from cyber attacks

Proxied IPs




WordPress updates

Theme and plugin updates

All themes and plugins are manually reviewed and updated

Management system implemented to ensure updates are
completed regularly

Site restoration

CDN management

DNS management

Malware removal




Backup testing to verify the integrity of all backups

Uptime availability and functionality monitoring

Security scans are completed daily for malicious code

All vulnerabilities are resolved manually

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