12 Things You Need to Prepare For Christmas

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Christmas is coming up very fast. The biggest myth attached to Christmas promotions is that you don’t need to start until December, with a plan you thought of in November. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. The only way to be adequately prepared for the Christmas rush is to get started as early as possible and by as early as possible we mean right now! 

It has never been easier to reach your customers during Christmas time. Our job is to help you get organised, planned and prepared for the craziness that will ensue once the silly season is upon us so that you can exceed your KPIs and keep your customers informed and happy.

There’s a lot to think about and even more to get done but we will be here every step of the way. To get started here are our 12 most essential items that should be on your ‘ready for Christmas’ wish list. 

1. Plan A Pre-Christmas Sale 

This is your opportunity to push your products as gifts, make exciting package deals and encourage your customers to get all of the good stuff before it’s gone. Make these promotions fun and use them to encourage generosity. These sales should start around the 1st of December and run until Christmas Eve. 

2. Plan A Boxing Day and Beyond Sale

Everybody shops after Christmas and running a sale between the 26th of December through into the new year is a sure-fire way to make sure your business makes the shopping list.  Running a sale after Christmas is a great opportunity to provide a once in a year offer. Many people have time off work during this time and will use their free time scrolling through their devices which could ultimately lead to purchasing your products. 

3. Shoot Fresh Summer Content 

With your new and exciting sales, you need new and exciting content to match. Make sure your social media content appeals to a range of ages and genders- you never know who will be purchasing for their family or friends! This means high-quality photos, clear and informative copy and deals that appeal to all budgets. A quick and easy way to prepare your socials and website for the festive season is to update your logos with Santa hats and presents! 
<h3>4. Make Your Socials Look A Million Bucks

Gone are the days where window shopping was actually done by looking through a shop’s window. Modern-day window shopping is now conducted through your Instagram account. Influencers have become the new mannequins and photos of client installations of your products are the new visually merchandised display. Use your brand new content to market your brand in the most visually appealing way possible- first impressions are everything! 


5. Optimize Your Website For Online Sales 

This is arguably the most important thing to do- make sure your website is in 100% working order. The last thing you need is for your website to crash in the middle of Boxing Day while your web developer is sipping margaritas at a St Kilda beach bar. Get your website checked, troubleshot and refreshed in time for more traffic. 

6. Make Sure Your Catalogue Works

We want your customers to be able to ‘tap to shop’ through Instagram which means your catalogue needs to be hooked up and working well. Check and triple check this through Business Manager on Facebook so that when your products are uploaded on Instagram, shopping is a single click away. 

7. Set an Ad-Spend  

To get the most out of the Silly Season Sales you will need to review your ad-spend. Remember, the return on investment is everything and will always be at the forefront of everything we do. The usual rule of thumb is the more you strategically put in, the more you will get out! We can advise you on what the best way to organise your budget is for this period.

8. Set up email marketing

Email marketing is a great tool to reach your mailing list quickly and personally. With the ability to promote exclusive deals, discount codes, head starts to sales and even just reminders on why your products are the best choice your email marketing campaign could be the difference between meeting KPIs and smashing them. 

9. Call to actions sorted

Do not underestimate a clear and consistent call to action. From social posts through to emails and even the pages of your website, your call to actions should share a common message and all of your digital activity should steer toward a common goal. 

10. Decide on Your Holiday Dates

While not everyone stays open during the holiday season, eCommerce, hospitality and retail stores have extended trading hours. Once you know which hours you will or will not be operating make sure you communicate them to us so that we can then communicate them to your customers. 

11. Digitise Your Opening Hours

Your Christmas opening hours must be displayed clearly online, on your socials, Google and website.  

12. Seamlessly Schedule Everything 

Phew. That’s a lot of planning to get done! Once your content is shot, your goals are set and your messages are clear it is time to schedule and boost everything! This is a very meticulous task with lots of careful consideration as to when and how things are posted. Don’t underestimate the effort required for this very important step! Doing this properly and in advance guarantees you more time to focus on your customers and business during the busiest period of the year. 

We know this list may seem completely overwhelming, but don’t stress! We’re experts and we have done this countless times before. We’re better than Santa’s Little Elves. 

Contact Red Herring Digital for all of your digital marketing needs and we will have your Christmas promotions (and everything in between) working like clockwork.

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