The Ultimate Guide To Optimising Your Instagram Stories

If you’re familiar with the world of social media, then you’re sure to know about Instagram Stories.  First launched in 2016, IG Stories have grown substantially in usage numbers ever since. Interestingly enough, the average number of feed posts published by influencers actually declined every year since stories were introduced on the platform. So, why […]

7 Ways Influencers Can Leverage Your Brand On Social Media.

Ah, social media influencers. The hyper-perfect self-made models we all love to wish we are… or so they used to be.  Social media Influencers are no longer just the Barbies of the digital playground we spend our lives exploring. As social media behaviours progressed, so too did the look, reliability and profile of what ‘influencers’. […]

Is iOS 14 the end of the world as we know it?

We all know that the digital landscape is constantly changing. In 2020, tech conglomerates were hit hard with pressures relating to privacy, data security and surveillance. After Zuck sweating it out from the Cambridge Analytica data scandal of 2018, tech giants have been under more pressure than ever to be transparent in their data collection […]

Decoding TikTok’s Algorithm & How To Use It To Your Brand’s Advantage.

Decoding TikTok’s Algorithm & How To Use It To Your Brand’s Advantage. Dubbed the casino of social media due to its deliberately hypnotic scrolling technology, algorithm and its full screen, time hiding layout, TikTok is designed to keep you on the platform for as long as possible.  If you’re like us and have sheepishly joined […]

Mistakes You Might Be Making on Social Media

If your business is new to Instagram, then welcome to your brand new avenue of reaching your audience. Instagram is full of brand-building opportunities that will help you prosper if you do it right.  If your business has been on Instagram for a while now and the road to social media marketing success is looking […]

How To Use LinkedIn to Build Your Personal Business Profile

While most businesses have an active Instagram and Facebook profile, these same businesses are often far quieter on LinkedIn. LinkedIn’s user count sits at around 260 million users, making it an excellent social media network to reach people from all over the world with similar interest, careers and professional needs. It is also a great […]

How to Find Your Unique Perfect Posting Prime Time

From social media strategists to teenage girls to influencers and Instagram support apps, everyone has at one stage tried to find and determine the perfect time to post to get maximum exposure and engagement every single time.  Perhaps, when the feeds were chronological and the social media times were simpler, there was a golden universal […]

Four tips on how to run your brand’s social media

Starting a social media account for your business is not as simple as posting pretty photos with long captions the same way you would on your personal accounts. Your brand’s social media account takes thought, time and a proper strategy. Here are a few things to consider before you jump into launching your brand’s social […]

How to avoid a social media management crisis and what to do if one hits

Ah, social media. What a wonderful, social, interactive, freedom-of-speech-encouraging thing. Anyone and everyone can pretty much post whatever they like, whenever they like and however they like. This freedom that social media offers works just great for social media marketing companies. We can build your brand’s social media presence and develop your brand’s voice effortlessly. […]

Using Social Media Management to Build Your Marketing Funnel

Posting quality, targeted content on your brand’s social accounts is like casting a fishing net into a sea full of hungry fish waiting for the right worm to come along before they bite. But they won’t bite for just any old worm. Your social media management tactics should follow a well-crafted formula that will work […]