Keeping Up With The ‘Kontent’: Internet Marketing for Mobile

It’s no secret that the future is mobile. As of late 2017, as much as 57% of internet traffic came from mobile devices, compared with that of desktops, which were sitting at around 43%. From here, there’s nowhere else but up for mobile devices, especially in a thriving city like Melbourne. So, what does this […]

The Rationality Of Emotionality: Marketing Techniques That Work

When it comes to connecting with your audience, appealing to their emotions is a powerful place to begin. Let’s consider the nine emotions: surprise, happiness, love, pride, contentment, anger, sadness, anxiety and shame- how could you use them to engage your target market? Emotions are often (subconsciously or not) at the forefront of our decision-making […]

How Remarketing Works

In the current golden era of marketing, there’s a lot of technology designed to build new audiences or reconnect with existing audiences. Whether it’s via an online form, clicking on a cost per click (CPC) ad or ad visibility in the cyber world, there’s so much potential to market to consumers who are already engaged […]

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