Access the Power of Facebook Ads

Access the Power of Facebook Ads – Social Media Marketing in Melbourne When you advertise on television, you pick a time slot, a channel and essentially an audience to broadcast your advertisement to. However, you can’t be sure who the people sitting in front of the television are, or if they just have the television […]

Digital Marketing Integration: Simplifying Your Consumer’s Journey

Digital Marketing Integration: Simplifying Your Consumer’s Journey – Red Herring Digital Agency in Melbourne Every day more information, more data, more products, more ads and more people fill the digital world, pushing the limits of internet marketing. A proliferation of media means it’s becoming harder to have an impact on your customers even if they’re […]

Why products will benefit even more from Instagram Shop!

Insta-shop? Why products will benefit even more from Instagram latest improvements – Red Herring Social Media Agency Melbourne E-commerce is quickly becoming a major aspect of Instagram and social media management, which is why the social media giant has announced it will be expanding its ‘shop now’ button from posts to stories. As a social […]

How to optimise digital services to see a ROI

In our increasingly connected and digital world, digital marketing services is more important than ever. Companies have adopted digital marketing techniques to generate brand awareness and boost sales, but for digital marketing services to be successful, digital marketing companies need to recognise the importance of finding multiple digital marketing channels that will communicate to their […]

Understanding Buyer Personas

Understanding Buyer Personas: Why this is vital to your small business – Red Herring Digital Agency in Melbourne In a forever changing digital world, a feather in your cap when requiring digital marketing services is understanding why buyer personas are essential. We’re not just talking about having a general idea of your audience, but rather […]

#WeLoveInsta — Understanding the POWER of Instagram

#WeLoveInsta — Understanding the POWER of Instagram – Social Media Management Melbourne with Red Herring Digital Agency.   Instagram is one of the most influential social media channels that we have today, and any brand or digital agency that is not taking advantage of its exceeding potential is missing out. Whether it be pushing a […]

Google Advertising – Why is it so important?

Google Advertising – Why is it so important? – Red Herring Internet Marketing Tactics Picture this— you’re a small business owner with a passion for your brand, but digital marketing is not your forte. How do you lift your business off the ground and ensure all your blood sweat and tears dont get lost in […]

Unlockd vs Google

When we tell you that giant players in the internet marketing game like Google would be wary of anyone taking a share of their piece of the pie, this wouldn’t be shocking information. But what happens when a brand new opponent, Unlockd comes onto the scene and is doing massive things in the online marketing […]

How To Navigate Marketing In An Ad-Block World

Throughout Covid-19 we’ve helped reposition many businesses to work with the new economy and customer behaviours that we are now facing. It’s important to work with an agency like us that understands the current climate and can help you find new ways to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the economy. We want to make sure you get the word out about your business as soon as possible so that you can succeed.

Be the voice that’s heard!

Everywhere we turn these days we are faced with advertising and brands fighting for our attention. In the world of digital marketing, the struggle to stand out from the crowd and create a product or campaign that your customers can relate to is getting harder and harder. It’s more important now than ever before to […]

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