New Meta updates will impact brands advertising through reels and stories

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Meta is rolling out new Meta-design safe zones for ads being displayed in reels and stories across social media platforms. Here’s what you need to know:

One of the new features of 2023 that is gradually being rolled out is the Meta-design safe zones. These safe zones will allow advertisers to take full advantage of the entire screen on mobile devices to share captivating ads that display seamlessly by not having vital information accidentally covered up.

With the new update, brands are being advised to leave the top 14% and the bottom 20% of the screen free from any text, logos or any other creative elements. This will ensure that important information in your ad campaign won’t be obstructed by elements, including the profile icon, any captions or call to action.

But don’t worry. Meta isn’t making you guess how much space to leave. They are also implementing tools to the Ad Manager to assist with their new update. For example, when you edit your ads for placement in the Meta Ads Manager, you will be presented with the option to add in logo and text overlays. If you’re adding these in, a tool will be available that will display the area as yellow if overlays are being dragged into a safe zone.

Alternatively, if you are uploading ads with overlays already input, the Meta system will try to detect if the overlays are in safe zones so the placements can be edited before running your ad campaign.

Adhering to the new safe zones update appears to be in a brand’s best interest when advertising on Meta platforms, as ads violating the safe zones can expect lower click-through rates. One study shows that click-through rates dropped 28% compared to ads that were set up correctly and kept content out of the safe zones.

Overall, this new update appears to be a positive new feature set to lead brands in the right direction with their advertising campaigns on reels and stories by ensuring that ads appear seamless and essential information, including icons, captions and calls to action, aren’t being covered up or obscured.

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Curious to see how your digital marketing stacks up?

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