3 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From TikTok

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Since its inception in 2018, TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide. It’s currently used in 150 countries and has over 1 billion users.

What is TikTok?

Contrary to belief, TikTok isn’t just an app for kids doing dances. It’s a platform where users can create original short videos of up to ten minutes that play on a repetitive loop. Most videos are kept to under three minutes to keep user interest high, and users can add hashtags and share them to their feeds. The content shared on the platform ranges from cooking, comedy skits, lip-syncing, challenges, recommendations, short vlogs, and everything in between. 

Compared to other mostly image and writing-based social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, TikTok is solely video content-based, allowing users to connect with their audience in a different way. This means your brand has the potential to reach a mass, un-tapped audience. And if your video goes viral, your brand’s awareness will skyrocket. 

Here are three benefits of posting on TikTok that your business can benefit from.

Reach your target audience faster

Many businesses have found success on TikTok. Some have become successful through creating original authentic content, while others have gone viral for participating in challenges and trends. The important takeaway is that they regularly post content and interact with their audience. 

However, the beauty behind their success is in the algorithm. The algorithm suggests videos to users based on similar videos they have liked and interacted with previously, offering users content that fits their interests. For that reason, using hashtags gives you access to your target audience faster, and businesses can interact with them meaningfully. In addition, brands can interact further and grow their audience by jumping on trends and challenges that align with their brand personality and values.


Improve your brand identity and awareness 

Exposure is everything for businesses, and TikTok can provide just that. Showcasing your brand’s personality and values to the community you’re building can be a great way to increase trust and loyalty. 

TikTok is a platform of user-generated content made by the average person, for the average person, with an emphasis on creativity and fun. Businesses are given an opportunity to connect with their audience in an informal and personal manner. While you may still share promotional and informational content, you can create a balance.

Due to the relaxed nature of the app, behind-the-scenes videos, challenges and trends work well for businesses to build their identity while being genuine. In addition, the low production value of videos posted to TikTok makes companies appear more authentic. The user base on Tiktok is generally more accepting of this type of content than higher value production as those are used for marketing purposes. All in all, the content produced will feel relatable to users as it’s similar to other content on the app, helping build trust with consumers and your brand.


Increase leads and sales 

Increasing the bottom line is at the top of any business’s goals and objectives, and building trust is essential to any business and its audience. Trust brings loyalty. These days audiences care a lot about the values and personalities of the brands they support. Therefore curating your business’s online personality will create a following of users who appreciate your brand’s identity and what it stands for.   

Did you know 74% of users say TikTok has inspired them to learn more about a product or brand online? Or that 66% of users agree TikTok has helped them decide what to buy? You can’t argue with those statistics. That means users actively engage with the content they’re consuming on TikTok and care about the brands they support. This is a big win for businesses advertising and creating content on TikTok.


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