What You Need To Know About .au Domains

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Adopting the .au domain is a turning point for tech-savvy business owners and digital marketers. Chatter has lingered across the virtual spectrum for years, and finally, the update Aussies have been eagerly awaiting.

It’s happening! The appealing .au domain names are entering the market, which is exciting news for any online business.

.au Domain names and Priority Allocation

If you believe this will not influence your national web presence, we may have some bad news. Learn about the latest offering and how it can impact your business.

Are you thinking about establishing your online business and finally building your website? Domain names in Australia are changing from today. The .com.au domain extension has long dominated the virtual realm for Australians but will now give way to the .au domain suffix.

Have you registered your .au domain yet?

Current .au domain owners will be first eligible to select the .au domain namespace, allowing them to snap one up as quickly as possible. If you currently hold a .com.au Australian domain, you’ll automatically receive priority registration for the new matching hostname.

Sadly, if you don’t have either, you’ll have to hold out a little longer.

Registration for Priority Allocation 

Although auDA launched the update on 24th March 2022, businesses with other Australian hostnames can still benefit from the update. In reality, users have six months from the launch date to request priority status via your preferred registrar.

As you prepare to apply for the .au domain names, make sure:

  • To have your current domain password on hand.
  • Your WHOIS registrant information is as up to date as possible.

Does having a .au domain name matter?

Improvements and patching are required over time to remain relevant and in front of the competition. Like other forms of technology, it’s the same with domain names.

Choosing a .au direct web domain is vital if you want to keep your business as enticing as possible to search engines and users. Even if you already have a domain name (such as .com.au), switching to .au gives you a competitive advantage, and the benefits don’t end there.

Here are the most important reasons why acquiring a .au direct web domain should be at the top of your priority list.

Enhancing online visibility

Are you planning to invest in SEO or other marketing strategies? Why risk the opportunity of losing all of your hard work and money if your extension isn’t the most acceptable format anymore? A .au direct domain name complements your digital strategy by putting you in the limelight.

These extensions boost your online exposure when it counts. They’re brief, simple to memorise, easy to type and provide users with a direct way to enter your URL. If you’re up against competition for a transaction, it could be the deciding factor.

If your business is registered in Australia, has a well-known brand and trademark, use this to your advantage with au domain name registrations. Secure a digital property before your competitor and get ahead.

Did you know some companies purchase many extensions just to have them all? In truth, larger companies frequently buy up all related domains to avoid them becoming accessible in the future. So even if you aren’t interested in securing a new hostname right now, consider this as an opportunity to protect your identity in space.

Eligibility for Priority Status

Before applying for a domain name, applicants should read the Domain Name Guidelines.

The Domain Provider will evaluate domain name applications in your jurisdiction in compliance with the following guidelines and the Website Domain Guidelines. Unless otherwise specified, domain names will need to meet all given requirements.

You can learn more about your eligibility and allocation policy on the auDA website.

Securing your .au Domain name

Existing .au name holders will have six months, from 24th March to 20th September 2022, to request Priority Status in order to register the .au exact match of their name should they wish to licence it. After the priority allotment time has ended, anyone who meets the ‘Australian Presence’ requirement will be able to request all available domain names, including yours.

The registrant of ownleft.com.au, for example, can seek priority registration of ownleft.au.

If you require additional assistance, ask your web developer or designer for help. However, some technical .au domain administration modifications may need to be made. Hiring someone familiar with the .au direct domain in DNS, is your safest bet.

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