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Here at Red Herring Digital, we pride ourselves in being a full-service agency that has your brand’s best interest at heart. 

Some of our key services include Paid Search, Paid Social, SEO, Social and Web Design. By utilising our agency’s wide range of digital mediums, you can rest assured that your brand will be well-catered for.  


SEO is a genuine long-term approach to organic search engine advertising. Google has the answer to every question, and our job is to make sure it’s you! By working on your brand’s organic search, you’re ensuring that you receive relevant traffic to your website, which in turn generates further sales (which is exactly what you want!).


Paid Search

PPC is one of the most effective ways of generating leads and sales fast. By using paid search such as Google Ads and AdRoll, you’re able to get your name out there and connect your target audience with your website. 


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Never underestimate the power of your brand’s social media presence! 

From copy all the way through to feed curation, we mix strategy and creativity to ensure your social accounts always stand out. We’ll tailor your brands’ online presence by working closely with you to create an aesthetic and exciting virtual identity. From Facebook to Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest – we know exactly what your brand needs to stand out.


Paid Social 

Alternatively, If you’re looking into tapping into a specific audience, then Paid Social is the go. Whether it’s to generate new leads, brand awareness, or increase sales, we’ll make it happen for you!

Our team will help you: 

  • Organise your strategy and customer journey funnel
  • Optimise your website for sales
  • Develop your brand’s personality and style
  • Get specific and effective digital advertising in place


Web Design

​​Your website needs to sing to the right tune. From strategy, copywriting, designing and developing – we understand what it takes to turn browsing into a lead. Your website should be more than just a list of services or products. It should tell your story compellingly, and that’s precisely what we will do when we build your website.

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Curious to see how your digital marketing stacks up?

Let the pros give you a free audit.