Why Your Social Media Posts Should Be More Than Just ‘Posts’

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Whether you spend hours upon hours a day scrolling through aesthetically crafted feeds or you only check your social media for a hot 10 minutes every now and then, the accounts you have chosen to follow you did not choose at random. These are the accounts that interest you, whatever the reason may be.

How many times have you found yourself scrolling through an Instagram account because you find it visually appealing, or the content they share inspires you to go travelling or redecorate your bedroom?

Take a moment to actually think about why you love these accounts. Are you very interested in the product they are selling, or do these accounts keep you up to date in an industry of interest? Now considering these same accounts, are you ever bothered by anything they post?

These are the thoughts that should circle around your head every time you go to make a new post on your brand’s page. Successful and engaging social media accounts are developed with tender love and care, not just by hiring a social media marketing company.

Your brand’s social media account should be a reflection of all the things you love about your company, service or product you are posting about. The images, captions and links you post are more than just words and colours, they are the tiles that mosaic your brand’s story masterpiece. Your socials should be a vibrant, informative and engaging snapshot into what you want your public to know first.

Successful social media management is understanding what posts will build your brand and then crafting content around the story you are trying to tell. In order to stay on brand and continuously build a relationship with your audience whilst building your story, these are some questions you should ask yourself when creating content for your socials.

What is your story?

Everybody following you already knows what product or service you offer, but why do you offer it? What do you hope to achieve with your brand?

Does your post, capture your story and brand?

Once you have outlined and developed your brand identity and story, look at the content you want to share and ask if it builds the story you are trying to tell. For example, if you are a brand that sells ethically sourced clothing and are actively working towards combating waste and climate change, you wouldn’t post a photo of models in your items holding takeaway coffee cups as this would derail your efforts to be an environmentally conscious brand.  

Does your post look good on your profile?

Often, the overall aesthetic of a brands theme is overlooked. Nothing says trustworthy, high quality and trendy more than a well-curated feed. Take these two images for example, which are you more likely to be drawn to?


Does it make you feel anything?

If your post doesn’t make your audience immediately want to spend money (which realistically is very unlikely) it should still leave a lasting impact on them. This is how you build a relationship and a loyal following. If your post is not funny, it should be informative or inspiring, or at the very least really nice to look at.

The best content should make your audience think, feel or do.

Whether you are running your own social media account, or your social media marketing agency has the reigns, there should be a consistent effort to work towards building your brand story with every single image posted on your social media accounts, especially on Instagram.

If you wish to fine-tune your social media management and develop a strong brand image and story, Red Herring Digital is a digital marketing and social media agency in Melbourne that specialises in social media management and content creation. Contact us today to start building the brand portfolio of your aesthetically pleasing dreams.

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Curious to see how your digital marketing stacks up?

Let the pros give you a free audit.