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Let’s put it simply. Every month there are roughly 2.23 billion users on Facebook and 1 billion users on Instagram. Without having any social media marketing for your brand, you forgo the chance of connecting with 3.23 billion people every month that goes by.

Say your brand chooses to stick to traditional media marketing. It’s comfortable, familiar and you’ll probably still make a fair few sales given that your campaign is well designed and run. But that means you are relying on people to find your brand, or happen across your product with a far less direct marketing approach.

However, running a social media page or two allows your brand to tap into a market that is otherwise impossible to reach and engage with. Social media is not just about duckfaces and poorly disguised narcissism, or status’ divulging personal and sometimes concerning information. Social media is a marketing companies goldmine tool for making sales, connecting with consumers and making your brand discoverable.


Running a successful social media marketing account does not mean you have to be getting upwards of 2,000 likes per post and be viral across all explore feeds. It means your business has an approachable, informative, aesthetic representation on a very accessible platform. Having an Instagram account and Facebook profile gives your brand a face and personality which is highly valuable in this digital age.

Using social media to your brands full potential will allow you to continuously drive traffic to your website, products, and even your other social media channels using sponsored content and ads. Social media ads give your brand the potential to reach a whole new target audience that print and traditional media can’t.

The potential levels of customer interaction on Instagram extend far beyond likes, followers and comments. Up and coming cafes use Instagram to promote their dishes and showcasing their mouth-watering creations. Makeup brands use Instagram to inform their consumers on how to use their products and promote new looks that encourage new product purchases. I’ve often found myself Instagram searching for a cafe that I’m planning to try and looking at photos of their food before I even look at their menu or website.


An Instagram account gives your brand the opportunity to have a page that displays your brands best assets and celebrates the part of your brand you want people to see. Even if you only have 10 followers, the content you post should make your product look A++. Would you buy something from a brand whose Instagram looks like a year 12 is running it from her bedroom? Would you trust a brand that has no proof that users like it, engage with it or support it?

Social media management is essential to keep your brand relevant. The truth is, the more places your business exists the more discoverable you are. This is where your social media agency in Melbourne comes in.

Social media management can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming when you already have an entire business to run. Your social media agency in Melbourne will create content that aligns with your brand and communicates your service and product to your customers. In line with the agreed upon strategy, your social media agency will ensure your brand’s social media management is polished, consistent and effective.

With effective social media marketing comes higher levels of engagement with your content and brand, thus the need for community management. Taking the pressure off you to reply to comments, monitor for trolls and assist those in your direct messages, your social media agency will stay logged in on your account and act as your personal community manager.

Social media marketing companies have the ability to push your business in front of people and markets that would otherwise be left untapped had you decided to keep away from social media. If you’re ready to take your business to the next step and into the digital world contact Red Herring Digital Melbourne to start talking today.

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Curious to see how your digital marketing stacks up?

Let the pros give you a free audit.