A marketers job isn’t to trick you, it is to nudge you towards what you want.

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Every day you are bombarded with ads. On the TV, on the radio and especially all over your social media feed. It can feel like someone is constantly trying to sell you something. Sometimes the ads are annoying, sometimes they are a little intrusive and sometimes you don’t even notice them or remember seeing an ad at all. But why are you seeing them? Why does that brand think you want to know about their deals or products? You aren’t even sure if you have ever heard of them before. And yet there they are, on your screens and in your ears, tempting you with products and deals for something that might not have been on your mind before this moment. Have you ever had that moment after you have made a purchase and thought ‘wow I really didn’t need that’ but you keep the product and enjoy it anyway? You never really feel tricked, scammed or ripped off if you end up buying something you really love having. via GIPHY Marketing is sometimes seen as a sneaky, naught tricky thing, so let’s clear the air. No one in marketing is out to trick you. We only want to show you the things we think you will like, think you might need and think might be relevant to you. With every new brief or a new product comes the question of ‘who needs to know about this, and why will they want it’ following with a strategy of how to best get your attention. Aesthetic Instagrams, engaging content and videos that grab your attention all exist to not only tell you about a product, service or event but to also bring you joy and information on things that you are interested in. We’ve spoken about pixel before. It’s a marketing superpower tool that collects data from what you have looked up in the past to show you things that will be relevant to you and your interests. Basically a personal shopping assistant, pixel makes your ads feed personalised and tailored to your actual interests. To simplify; if you have looked up ‘how to blow dry your hair straight’ or ‘cheap blowdryers’ pixel will use this data to then show you an ad for blowdryers or hair straighteners, working off the assumption that you’re in the market for hair styling tools. Additionally, an ad you see might spark your interest and you might click through to the product or website, do some browsing and leave it in the ‘think about another time’ folder of your brain. Perhaps the item was too expensive, or you just weren’t sold the first time around. This is why marketers develop campaigns to offer you a deal or remind you that the brand still exists. We don’t want you to miss out on something you were interested in. via GIPHY A gentle reminder, retargeting exists to keep talking to you once you started the conversation. Our job as marketers is to speak to you in a way that resonates with you. We want to understand you, not just make pretend we do. People to people, we know you have needs wants and desires and we want to fill those desires with useful products and information. Whether you find them sneaky or think they are clever, every marketing tactic is designed to kick start the relationship between customer and product. If your products need some conversation starting techniques up their sleeves or if you just want to get talking to the right customers, start by talking to us first.  Contact us to chat about how we can build meaningful customer connections for your brand.

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Curious to see how your digital marketing stacks up?

Let the pros give you a free audit.