How Important are Instagram Stories to Social Media Marketing Companies?

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Most social media apps come and go in fads, and their number of users can vary depending on the country. But Instagram has managed to stay a cut above the rest in recent years through small additions to optimise social media management, which is becoming increasingly important on Instagram.

Since the introduction of Instagram Stories in August 2016 Instagram has been offering social media marketing companies the opportunity to reach a larger number of people. In November 2017, Instagram Stories passed 300 million daily social media users. As a social media agency in Melbourne, this was important because it theoretically meant you had 10 to 15 seconds to reach anywhere up to 300 million social media users.


From a social media management perspective, Instagram Stories are really about digital storytelling, the documentation of seemingly uncut content. This is why documenting your journey with social media Stories can increase engagement and make your brand seem more credible.

Instagram has reported that the introduction of Stories encouraged users to stay on the platform longer and check in more frequently, so as not to miss any Stories. As a social media agency, it’s important to use Stories to tell an actual story. Whether those stories are about a product you offer or a service you provide, or even about the business itself.

Even Instagram’s new ‘Ask Me Anything’ feature is allowing accounts and social media management teams in Melbourne and around the world to build brand story by providing insight to their followers.

Use Stories to Drive Action

In a recent report from Instagram, commissioned by social media research agency AudienceNet, Instagram identified that;

The top 10% of Instagram’s transaction partners drove the “vast majority” of user action with Stories.

So far, it’s pretty obvious that by implementing Instagram polls and links, influencers, brands and social media marketing companies have been able to increase sales, generate leads and boost traffic to their sites.

However, being able to track this social media engagement either per post, or that of your entire feed (over a given period) is the most valuable part of Instagram these days. The social media management information gained is a priceless insight into what kind of people are following you. And once paired with Instagram polls you can learn about their interests and tastes, all whilst saving social media agency time, money and energy.
With so many exciting features growing in popularity on Instagram, it’s a great time to explore social media management for your Melbourne brand. You can visit our social media marketing page to find out how we can help you.

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Curious to see how your digital marketing stacks up?

Let the pros give you a free audit.