Social Media Advice for a Successful Startup Business Launch

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So, you’ve come up with this amazing product or service that you are certain is unique and wanted, that’s incredible.

But having the idea is just not enough to put money in your pocket or pay the bills. It also won’t feed your itching desire to create and share your product or service with the world.
There are several social media management techniques and tricks that you will need to tap into and master before you will be a booming success. After all, it is the digital age and us millennials are cut throat with what we do and don’t want to spend our money on.

To avoid being another startup dream gone broke, follow these steps that will set your social media marketing campaign into a money maker.


Truly define and research your target audience

That doesn’t mean define whether your target audience is ‘girls aged 19-28 who like music’ or ‘people studying’. That means find out who your audience is, what they enjoy, what they hate and what your product can do for them. While it is important to avoid having an overly specific audience (example, 21-year-old girls who listened to Lady Gaga this week) it is important to understand that within the different brackets of audiences that you will identify, there will be a sub-bracket that will be all for your product or service.

On your social media accounts join forums, groups or even just simply follow accounts that are within the theme of your product or service. See how consumers interact with each other and the content, and with this develop an understanding of how to speak to them.

Now question what these people actually need… and how your product will align with that.

Speak to your audience through targeted social media marketing.

To be clear, targeted social media marketing does not mean ‘Hey you! Buy this!’ and sharing an obvious ad to your target audience. It means that with quality content and through multiple posts, community engagement, engaging photos and captions you slowly begin to develop a strong relationship with your audience. Your audience needs to believe in your product and its purpose in their life before you can expect them to spend their money.

In order to have successful social media management and marketing campaigns, you need to initially define your brand’s tone of voice. Once you have developed a tone create content that ultimately and consistently aligns with your brand’s tone.


Your content shouldn’t just consist of photos of models and your product. Your content should tell your brand’s story, showcase the personality behind it and as stated before, continuously speak to your prospective clients.  Hiring a social media agency or consultant can help you develop the content around your brand and the story you are trying to convey in a professional, effective manner that quietly yet continuously markets your product.

Working with social media marketing companies will give your brand the opportunity to truly flourish both in the developmental stage and the promotional stage. Using your social media agency as a focus group can help you find the gap in the market that your product can fill and take over while thoroughly and accurately promoting these notions.

Social media marketing companies can help you create a social media campaign that will gain traction and popularity for your brand. Some of the things a social media agency can help you achieve are;

  • Create content that encourages people towards your website
  • Promote and sponsor using Instagram stories to create brand awareness
  • Acknowledge your audience on social media
  • Create content that focuses on brand mission and values
  • Develop meaningful partnerships with influencers


If you have a product in mind but need guidance and professional social media management to develop a voice and generate awareness around your brand contact us and we will be your all-star social media agency that will get your brand around the world and back. Red Herring Digital professionally and creatively promote and manage an array of brands on social media effectively and yours could be one of them today.

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Curious to see how your digital marketing stacks up?

Let the pros give you a free audit.