November Means Movember

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And that’s a wrap. November is over for another year and the dirty mos have done their job. We are super stoked to announce that the hair above Alex and Phil’s lips raised $1,375 for men’s mental health. How good is that! But just because Movember is over, and the fundraising is done, that doesn’t mean we stop and forget about working towards increasing awareness around the health risks that men face every single day. Red Herring Digital is passionate about many things. We are passionate about good coffee, great food and groovy tunes. We all passionately strive to help our businesses succeed and some of us even passionately play golf. We are also super passionate about men’s mental health, and it’s something that doesn’t get spoken about a lot, especially in the business world. The mental health of our colleagues, friends, family and selves is something that we all do our best to keep in check. This isn’t a sometimes thing, this is an everyday thing. From how are your texts and let’s catch up invites, to keeping workloads in check and making sure we all have time to switch off, these are all super important, simple to do things that we keep in check every single chance we get. Last month we did more than usual. We put our mental health support actions where our mouth is… or more specifically, right above our top lip. Movember tackles the stigma surrounding men’s mental health, suicide prevention and health issues with a mission to reduce male suicide by 25% by 2030 and to increase awareness and support around health risks that men face. As we enter the silly season try to use your time off to indulge in your friends and family, spread the love, support, and razors… because Phil still hasn’t shaved his mo off.

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