Mistakes You Might Be Making on Social Media

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If your business is new to Instagram, then welcome to your brand new avenue of reaching your audience. Instagram is full of brand-building opportunities that will help you prosper if you do it right. 

If your business has been on Instagram for a while now and the road to social media marketing success is looking long, difficult and tricky, then we hear you and are here to help you.  

Instagram isn’t as simple as photo, caption, post, repeat. Just like any form of marketing, it is an art that is easy to muddle up without the right guidance. 

So here we are, with some wise words of wisdom about easy mistakes you could make on Instagram that can be easily avoided. 

You chase likes, not engagement

If you sat to question if there is even a difference between likes and engagement thank your lucky stars that you are in the presence of Doctor Red Herring Digital. 

Now repeat after me: Followers who are double-tapping do not pay your bills.


Getting an increase of likes means absolutely nothing if it is not reflected in an increase in your sales. At the very least a higher following or reach should result in a higher level of comments, emails, direct messages or traffic to your website. 

Funny memes and cute bunnies may get the like count up but in reality, this type of content (in excess) is pretty useless if they aren’t going to sell your product, tell your brands story or connect with your audience in a unique way. 

A good way to ensure that you are developing a deeper connection with your audience is to spend time connecting with all those ‘likers’- after all, they are real people. Take some time to go through and return the likes, comment on their photos or at the very least chuck them a follow so that you can start developing a relationship that runs deeper than likes. 

You’re trying to hard sell

Buy buy buy. Sale sale sale. Shop shop shop…



Instagram is not the place to do a hard sell. 

Take a moment to think about why you use Instagram. Is it for inspiration? To unwind? Scout holiday destinations? Save recipes? Save outfits you can never afford? 

There are countless reasons why people use Instagram and almost none of them are ‘to actively shop’. Instagram is the window browsing of the digital world. 

Your feed should be the visually merchandised window that paints a pretty picture of what their life could be like with your product or service. Your Instagram posts are not the sales assistance once you have stepped into the shop- that’s what your website is for. 

Use Instagram to tell your brand’s story, highlight why your product exists and to connect with your client base in a way that they can’t get anywhere else. 

Your brand voice is lacking

If you want loyal followers and even more loyal clients, you need to be consistent. This far extends having the right logo across your website, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

This means consistent brand voice, consistent messaging and above all else, consistent values. 

Pro Tip: Don’t jump onto social issues if your business, service or products contradict your stance, and don’t take a political stance if there is a chance it will negatively affect your image or customer base. 

You think there is a fast trick 

Let’s cut to the chase. There is no fast way to get successful on Instagram. 

It takes time, consistency and solid content to get noticed on this highly populated platform. 

And once you are noticed, it takes more time consistency and show-stopping content to convert followers to life long customers. 


Looking for someone to manage your social media accounts like a pro? You’re in the right spot. Contact Red Herring Digital for all of your digital marketing needs and we will have your Instagram feed (and everything in between) working like clockwork.

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Curious to see how your digital marketing stacks up?

Let the pros give you a free audit.