How To Use LinkedIn to Build Your Personal Business Profile

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While most businesses have an active Instagram and Facebook profile, these same businesses are often far quieter on LinkedIn. LinkedIn’s user count sits at around 260 million users, making it an excellent social media network to reach people from all over the world with similar interest, careers and professional needs.

It is also a great platform to present information about your business through your personal account in a professional yet engaging, casual and non-sales way.

While LinkedIn’s reach is large, and the algorithm is friendly, many profiles remain dormant, or inactive. In fact, a lot of business pages are created without a single post ever being shared.

Using your personal LinkedIn profile and sharing content between your own page and your business page is a great way to build a professional and approachable brand on social media. LinkedIn is a great tool for business to business relationship building and by not posting on the platform, businesses miss an essential part of their profile building.

The LinkedIn community exists to share business-related content and while there are some influencers on the platform that share selfies, personal information and other things that may be best suited to a platform like Facebook, the posts that do the best on LinkedIn have the same thing in common- these posts inspire, educate or motivate.


Having a purpose behind your LinkedIn presence gives is your ticket to being successful on the platform. Here are some tips that can help you promote your business and self as a professional through LinkedIn.  

Contribute something of value to your target market 

Before you start posting everything that pops into your mind that is slightly ‘business’ related take a moment to consider who your target market on LinkedIn is. Unlike Instagram and Facebook, the audience you have the opportunity to target on LinkedIn is not necessarily the audience that will buy your product. Consider if you want to target others in your profession, people who may recommend you or people who may turn to you for advice and then cater your content to them by posting things of value. 

This may mean you use LinkedIn to share your success stories or discuss the latest challenge your industry is facing today. Perhaps you’re looking to network and attract new associates through thought-provoking articles and discussions. From blogs to opinion pieces, infographics, photos or new ideas, whatever it is, make it worthwhile and of value to your target market.

Look at what has been done, then do something different

If your competitors are doing it, then your target market is probably less likely to flock to you if you start doing it too. Consider a unique thing that your business does or something that differentiates you from your competition and discuss that instead. Part of bringing something of value to the LinkedIn newsfeed means bringing something that isn’t already being done.  

Keep it professional


While it can be easy to fall into the trap of oversharing on LinkedIn, it is important to remember your purpose for using the platform, and that is to grow your professional and business profile. However, this doesn’t have to be a blanket rule of ‘nothing personal EVER’, because it is great to humanise your brand instead of positioning yourself as a business robot but at the same time, it’s best to keep your holiday snaps and baby’s first steps videos to your personal Facebook and Instagram. 

Comment for comments

Try and position your content to encourage people to comment and interact with the information you have put forward through your caption or the actual content itself. This way, your post will rank better and will be seen by more people as the algorithm will detect your content is worth sharing. The best way to encourage comments is to leave them on your network’s posts yourself. This way, you build rapport on the platform, create more meaningful connections with your network and thus, in turn, will encourage people to engage with you more. 

If you want to leverage your LinkedIn profile to speak volumes to your target market then contact us at Red Herring Digital. From the content to the post scheduling, we know what it takes to get the right conversations started on social media.

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Curious to see how your digital marketing stacks up?

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