How to Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

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Through every platform of our digital world, we are bombarded with messages daily. Our constant connectivity with online makes us contactable every moment of every day. 

Breaking through an already crowded space is difficult and can be a dis-service to your brand if done incorrectly.

So why email marketing? Do you really want your business adding to the clutter that is an already overwhelming list of notifications, posts and content?


In short, yes. Email marketing gives your brand the chance to say hey directly to your customers.  But there is a right way to go about adding your brand’s name into the long list of emails that exist in your target audiences mailbox every morning.   

Here are some techniques that you can use to build a successful email marketing campaign that will stop your emails from winding up in the recipient’s trash basket. 


Spend time building your email list 

Your email campaign can’t be successful without an email list of qualified leads to share it with. 

It is very important that you don’t buy a mailing list or collect random emails from your family and friends. You must spend time building your mailing list specific to your business and service. 

By incorporating some good old fashioned public relations techniques into your business strategy, you will open your brand up to a range of audiences who can engage with your brand in a meaningful way. 

A great way to attract qualified leads is by going out and meeting people in real life. Host stalls at relevant industry events promoting your product or service by speaking to people and encouraging them to sign up to your mailing list face to face. 

This may seem time-consuming, but these are the people who will be most receptive to your email campaign and will actually read what you’re writing as they have already had a meaningful interaction with you. This is also a great way to gather intel on what your target audience actually wants to read about which will give you a direction for your content.

The most efficient way to build an email list filled with warm leads is to offer something of value on your website that is redeemable via email. If these leads are on your website, it means they are likely looking for a product or service like yours. Would you turn down a discount code for something you want? 


Know your goals and cater to them 

Before you start sending out emails like there is no tomorrow, sit down and actually determine what it is you want your campaign to achieve. 

Do you want to welcome your subscribers, or nurture existing customers? You could use your email campaign to encourage customers to repurchase, to boost their engagement with your products through education and by highlighting key features and promotions. 

 There are many layers to a successful email marketing campaign and each layer requires a different leads list. Make sure the email platform you are using can separate those who have purchased before from those who are loyal returning customers or those who are merely window shopping then build campaigns that cater to the individual needs of each group. 

Share smart content


The best emails are short, sharp and informative. Use email as a vehicle to promote the key features of your product or service through education, testimonials and of course, deals. 

While emails are a great way to share information, you should aim to keep the body of the email short and easy to digest. Your subscribers should be able to know what your email is providing them without scrolling through pages of text or clicking through 10 different links. 

Work on your subject line 

The subject line will often be the determining factor of whether or not your subscribers will open the email or add it to the group select and delete pile. The subject line is as important as a newspaper headline or a blog title. Why would anyone open an email that does not immediately jump out as ‘relevant’? 

When crafting your subject line, avoid spam trigger words like ‘cancel at any time’, ‘click here’, ‘congratulations’, ‘winner’, ‘special promotion’ or ‘increase sales’. These words may seem harmless but actually have the power to send your email into spam inboxes to die a lonely, unread and noticed death.


At Red Herring Digital, we know what it takes to get your subscribers to read and love your emails. We want your audience to engage with your marketing in a meaningful way and build unique campaigns to make that happen. If you need help crafting a punchy, engaging email marketing campaign, contact us today. 

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Curious to see how your digital marketing stacks up?

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