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Starting a social media account for your business is not as simple as posting pretty photos with long captions the same way you would on your personal accounts. Your brand’s social media account takes thought, time and a proper strategy. Here are a few things to consider before you jump into launching your brand’s social media accounts.

Know where your audience lives

To run a successful social media account you must start by choosing the right platform for your brand. There is often a misconception that you must be across all platforms to be seen. This couldn’t be less true.

In fact, by spreading yourself across every social media platform, and as a result spreading your time and resources thin, you lose the ability to focus and build your presence properly.

Unless you have a large dedicated social media marketing team working on each platform, you will just have lots of accounts with little substance. Not every social media platform is the same and each platform hosts a unique audience. These unique audiences engage differently to content from platform to platform. The content you share must be individually tailored to work on each different platform.

A Facebook post with links to your blog and shopping cart won’t work the same way on Instagram. Think about what your brand needs and wants to achieve through social media and then consider which platform will help you.


Have a plan

Realistically without a targeted strategy, your social media management efforts will go to waste. No one will want to follow an account that sporadically posts random, sometimes irrelevant and possibly off-brand content.

Again, it is important to know what you want to achieve through social media. Do you want to build your brand, get sales and promote your products or do you want to speak to your existing customers and continue to build a relationship through posts and information? Whatever it is you want to achieve, a calculated, properly planned strategy is necessary.

Working with a social media agency can give your brand the professional edge it needs to look presentable and build credibility. Together you can develop a targeted approach posting high-quality images shared with purpose and strategic captions.

Put in the work


Often there is a misconception that running a successful Instagram account is easy. While yes, anyone can post on social media and talk about X, Y and Z, it doesn’t mean that they are doing it well.

It takes time and consideration to schedule and plan social media content. With every post comes time needed to be spent on finding or taking relevant images, strategically written copy for the caption, analysing the engagement on the post and understanding how to approach the next. To run a good, engaging social media account you will need to do this five times a week.

You will also need to take at the very least half an hour out of your day to manage your growing community. You must nurture the relationships that can develop with your followers. This can be done by replying to comments, following accounts that interact with your competitors and then engaging with their content in a meaningful way.

Don’t throw money in a hope to go viral

Simply put, going viral is not a measure of success.

While going viral may seem appealing and like it will generate lots of leads that is not always the case. The only thing worse than have zero engagement or at the very least views on your posts is thousands of people viewing your content with no interest in what you are saying.

Likes won’t pay your bills, but an engaged audience will at the very least refer you to someone who will. Does starting your brand’s social media pages seem like a big challenge? Or maybe you just want to get it right the first time. That is why Red Herring Digital exists. We are social media savvy and want to help you develop the voice of your brand. Contact us to chat about how.


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Curious to see how your digital marketing stacks up?

Let the pros give you a free audit.