Digital Marketing Integration: Simplifying Your Consumer's Journey

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Digital Marketing Integration: Simplifying Your Consumer’s Journey – Red Herring Digital Agency in Melbourne

Every day more information, more data, more products, more ads and more people fill the digital world, pushing the limits of internet marketing. A proliferation of media means it’s becoming harder to have an impact on your customers even if they’re spending more time online. The key to breaking through this wall of media is the art of effective digital marketing integration and services.

By investing time into creating an integrated, multi-channel digital marketing strategy you are simplifying the journey your consumers need to take in order to purchase your product or service, as well as strengthening the identity of your brand. Another way to describe integrated internet marketing is through the omnichannel marketing approach, which is basically a multi-channel sales approach providing consumers with a more seamless internet buying experience.

The digital age of BIG data has given any single digital marketing company Melbourne a huge amount of data to help understand the successes, or shortfalls, of overall campaigns and their goals. But there’s no use having all this data and information if digital marketing companies don’t use it effectively. And that’s where internet marketing integration comes in!

Being one, with Integration

So technically, with all this data this should mean that reaching and communicating with your target market should be getting easier, and to a certain point, it is. But even as overall media consumption increases, it is being spread across more channels, which means that digital marketing services need to be building and marketing brands more effectively across multiple channels.

A digital marketing survey by Mark Henning showed that Australians are increasingly finding ads ‘more intrusive and annoying’, which seems like scary news for digital marketing services. However, a Lightspeed survey recently found that only 48% of Australians think that multi-channel digital marketing campaigns are actually cohesive; this means there is a massive opportunity to create great, cross-platform content to for your brand, right here in Melbourne with Red Herring Digital. On the other hand, ‘Ad Reaction 2018’ found that a well-integrated and customised digital marketing ad campaign can increase overall campaign effectiveness by as much as 57%.

Successfully integrated internet marketing campaigns thrive through the synergy of two or more media platforms working together to create something larger; to create a brand that can amplify itself across the different digital platforms with a cohesive message and meaning.

For example, at Red Herring Digital we drive traffic to our client’s websites through various mediums such as Google Ads, SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media and more. We know integrated digital marketing is crucial to internet marketing strategy, which is why we talk back to the consumer who visited our site to make that sale happen!

If you’d like to chat to us, here in Melbourne about our digital marketing services and how internet marketing integration could benefit your brand, contact us today.


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Curious to see how your digital marketing stacks up?

Let the pros give you a free audit.