Brand Engagement: Providing Value for Consumers through Social

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Brand Engagement: Providing Value for Consumers through Social – Social Media Management in Melbourne

Nothing has changed our lives quite as dramatically and as quickly as social media. Social media management is providing new opportunities for Melbourne businesses to access their consumers in new and interesting ways through social media marketing, but only if consumers are getting content they value.

The success of social media management is equally increasing competition among similar brands for consumer attention. It’s not news that consumers subscribe to brands but people that hold and sustain their interest with new content. Which is where social media marketing companies like us come in – to help you differentiate your brand!

Every brand should understand what their audience wants from them on social media, this way you can provide quality content.

– Michele Grey, CEO of Active Web in New York

In other words, if your social media agency doesn’t provide content that your audience is looking for, they will look elsewhere – to your competitors!

Promoting your Brand through Quality Social Media Content

Thanks to recent algorithm updates, social media consumers are shown content which companies like Facebook and Instagram think they are more likely to engage with. Michele Grey goes on to say ‘Quality content should typically provide a solution or alternative to an obstacle your audience may be facing.’ That obstacle could be anything from needing a pair of high-performance sneakers or a new brunch spot but whatever it may be you need a social media marketing strategy to provide a solution for them.


Recently, we finished up a case study for the Grovedale Hotel. Our aim for their social media management was to increase awareness of their food and live entertainment through quality content in order to drive consumer awareness of the hotel’s awesome menu and drink options, and in turn increase sales.

We pushed the hotel through mouth-watering shots of their food, slow motion drink pouring and cocktail boomerangs, giving the consumers exactly what they wanted. In particular, our sponsored Facebook posts about their on-tap espresso martinis and a short video melting a hot chocolate ball garnered huge attention, having reached 133,749 consumers collectively. With our target audience being consumers living in Geelong, we managed to reach 65% of the targeted population.

As a social media agency in Melbourne, we start by testing various forms of content and measure which ones perform best, from there we can understand what content is likely to be more engaging for your consumers and design a social media marketing strategy around that. You can read the full case study here.

Social media is a fast-paced and dynamic tool which can be used to enhance your consumer’s experience and perception of your brand. So, whatever your consumers want to see, create a social media marketing strategy that engages them.

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