What’s News at Red Herring Digital Agency - July 2018

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Here at Red Herring Digital, we’ve had a busy couple of months, but more importantly, we’re celebrating our third birthday as a digital marketing agency. For three years we’ve been serving up digital marketing services to businesses in Melbourne and Geelong with an emphasis on collaborative strategy, creative design and empathy.

The digital world, and the marketing within it, is forever changing. With the customer journey rapidly changing and content marketing methods moulding and developing there is no part of digital marketing that is idle or passive. In this same way, there should be no digital marketing agency that is static. That is why at Red Herring Digital we’ve spent our three years in Melbourne adapting, evolving and expanding our digital marketing services to best meet the targets and goals of our digital marketing clients.

In just the past three years of Red Herring Digital we have seen huge changes in the world of digital marketing but luckily for us, we are always up for a challenge, ready to learn new methods and understand new concepts that help drive us forward as a digital marketing agency.

Whilst reminiscing on the last three years of our digital agency we couldn’t help but get excited for what the future holds, both for us as a digital marketing company and the digital marketing world as a whole. We can’t wait to share our success with you as our digital marketing agency continues to grow and our services flourish.

From all of us here in Melbourne at Red Herring Digital, we want to thank our clients, employees and stakeholders for coming on this exciting journey with us through the fast-paced environment that is digital marketing.

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Curious to see how your digital marketing stacks up?

Let the pros give you a free audit.