Understanding Buyer Personas: Why this is vital to your small business

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Understanding Buyer Personas: Why this is vital to your small business – Red Herring Digital Agency in Melbourne

In a forever changing digital world, a feather in your cap when requiring digital marketing services is understanding why buyer personas are essential. We’re not just talking about having a general idea of your audience, but rather a seriously in-depth and detailed knowledge of who it is you’re trying to sell to and attract.

As a digital marketing agency, this fast-paced and crazy industry means we are forever learning to be at the forefront, but some tricks of the trade will never go out of fashion when it comes to what you need to have an understanding of and what works. Enter buyer personas.

So, what exactly are buyer personas anyway?

We all know what a target audience is, but a buyer persona goes much deeper than this and tells us specifically who is going to be buying your product or service. In very basic terms, we want your digital marketing to have a clear picture of your customer, and most importantly— to understand the challenges and frustrations that they bring with them. Why? So you can benefit from successful digital marketing services.

Picture this— you’re a travel provider for 18-30-year-olds, but your point of difference is that you stray away from partying and focus more on a cultural and spiritual holiday. With such a niche product, comes a niche customer. When it comes to buyer persona for a challenge like this one, it might look a little something like this:

Jess, 19 years old, originally from central NSW but has moved to Byron Bay.

Background: In contrast to many other Australian teenagers, Jess prefers to spend her weekends at yoga retreats, volunteering to clean her local beach and steers clear of alcohol and processed foods.

Her goals: To expand her understanding of the world, discover new cultures, not pay for things she won’t use or need (think club entry or unlimited wine) and have her itinerary sorted as she has never travelled overseas before.

Her frustrations and your challenges: Jess is sick and tired of trawling the net only to find tour companies such as Contiki, that is focused on what she is trying not to find. She has been able to find some yoga retreats, but most are targeted to older people and are out of her budget.

You now have a bright idea of who you want to attract to your product and a glimpse into the mind of what the customer is looking for. Having this information makes it a billion times easier for your digital marketing services to really get through to your audience and most importantly, solve their problems!

Okay, I get it, what now?

It’s important to note that as a digital marketing agency in Melbourne, we need to be continually reassessing this information. At first, your buyer persona might be a guess based on who you want to attract and what they are all about. Or, it might be from studying your competition and the type of people who engage with them on their social media channels. But after some time, taking another look at who visits your website, who your customers are and who you might be missing out on attracting, is vital.

Take Red Herring Digital Agency, we use split testing as an effective way to see how results vary with different audiences. As a digital marketing agency, it is important to ask any business their past successes and failures to ensure that our marketing is more successful off the bat. Want to chat about our approach? Contact us today or visit us at our Melbourne agency!

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