Facebook is changing the ways of Social Media Marketing

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Facebook is changing the ways of Social Media Marketing – Red Herring Digital Agency Melbourne


Have you noticed that everyone has been updating their privacy settings of late? Well in light of this, Facebook and now third RICHEST person in the world, Mark Zuckerberg (sitting on an impressive USD $81.6 billion) is set to make the social media channel a better place for all users. The question we have all been asking here in the advertising world is “how will these changes affect social media marketing”?. From a Melbourne digital agency’s perspective, we will shed light on some of these changes, how new features have been introduced and how you as an advertiser can profit from the transparency that has now become available.

First, a little insight. Recent figures have shown that social media users have been getting frustrated with how Facebook has changed over the years as they did not come for spam, clickbait, fake news, bullying and data misuse but instead to connect with family and friends. It is in Facebook’s best interest to address these new and upcoming concerns as they have started to lose users. So from this, they have invested a lot of time and money into fixing this ever growing issue, and have released a video all about it.

Facebook’s vision moving forward is to ensure that all users are more in control of what they see and protecting their privacy. As a social media agency in Melbourne, we understand that these changes will result in restricting content for the better. However, from a social media marketing point of view, Facebook won’t reduce their only source of revenue from advertisers so there’s nothing to worry about on that front.


Introducing Active Ads

Part of Facebook’s BIG move in being more transparent with their users, they have introduced a new feature called ‘Active Ads’. This is now featured on all business like pages, which allows anyone to view their current advertisements being run, including boosting of posts.

As always, there is always pro’s and cons… yes anyone can look at your ad’s, but instead of focusing on what we can’t change, let’s focus on what we can do in the future… As it’s open to all users, you can now inspect your competitor’s social media marketing. You’ll be able to see what dark ad’s they are running and can ultimately depict their strategy.

Let me guess, you’re intrigued now… here’s how to do it:


How to view Active Ads

  1. Open the Facebook App on your mobile
  2. Visit any business like page (like your competitor)
  3. Tap “Info and Ads” button near the cover image
  4. Tap “Active Ads” tab

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