Making Australia Great Again

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Making Australia Great Again – Learn from an American digital agency – Droga5 & Tourism Australia take on the Super Bowl!

Australia’s brand new tourism campaign targeting the US has been released during the 2018 Super bowl— the most-watched US TV broadcast. The campaign has already been dubbed a great success, reaching hundreds of millions on the day and through social media since the release, but it’s no fluke. The marketing strategy behind the campaign adopts principles that we can put into play in our digital marketing, or convey to our digital agencies.

In this article, we will look at how important it is to target advertising and digital marketing to the viewer, and how it fits in with our digital age.

First, let’s have a look at tourism and how this ad campaign fits perfectly into the work we do in digital marketing agencies.

The tourism industry is like no other; instead of selling a product you are selling a place. It is important to remember that although Australia has a unique voice, the message may not always translate well to the desired audience. This is where the marketing of products and of tourism go hand in hand— understanding the audience and working to capture their attention whilst not compromising your brand is one of the biggest challenges we face in today’s digital world. So, how did Tourism Australia pull it off?

Australia has taken steps in the right direction, stepping up its game from previous tourism campaigns. So, the question needs to be asked— what Tourism Australia has done differently to succeeded where previous campaigns failed to miss the mark? Tourism Australia didn’t use its normal creative agency, BBDO Sydney, instead opting to use New York-based Droga5. It is worth asking the question whether the addition of a US-based company helped the advertisement to connect with the audience on a better level.

Aligning your marketing mix to your target market consumer is the main principle that marketing agencies and the digital marketing world must take on board when aiming to engage with your audience in new campaigns.

Unlike campaigns in the past, this Super Bowl ad reflects the perceptions of Australia that Americans know and love such as icon as Paul Hogan and the legendary Crocodile Dundee.

The lesson that we can take away from this is to always understand the audience and what they are going to find enjoyable, especially in today’s fast-paced times, where consumers are time-strapped and want something to resonate with them. The 60-second advert gets people talking, laughing and discussing the topic.

Droga5 as well as tourism Australia have done their research and understood that previous attempts such as the 2004 “see Australia in a different light” campaign didn’t work, as it didn’t stick to concepts that Americans mainly resonate with when it comes to Australia. Although cliché, the angle of this Crocodile Dundee campaign seems to be a wise choice.

Tourism Australia was successful in communicating effectively and repositioned themselves in the minds of the American consumer/potential visitors. Although selling a place and selling a product are two different things, it is clear to see that the simple tactics of knowing your audience and what they need will assist in your marketing strategy. Helping to successfully deliver the right marketing message into the minds of the right consumer; which is a tactic that flows throughout all aspects of digital marketing.

Check out our case study for Bonita Couture, whereby understanding the target market, we have successfully communicated to them on Bonita Couture’s social media platforms.

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