Be the voice that’s heard: The importance of brand voice from a digital marketing perspective

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Everywhere we turn these days we are faced with advertising and brands fighting for our attention. In the world of digital marketing, the struggle to stand out from the crowd and create a product or campaign that your customers can relate to is getting harder and harder. It’s more important now than ever before to have a strong, unique and clear voice to draw in your target audience.

Your voice is the heart and soul of your brand. Whether you want your voice to be fun, professional, youthful or informative, it needs to be one thing— authentic.

As a digital marketing agency, we can use the various platforms as a tool to investigate your competitors and their consumers, and then tailor your voice to fill a gap in the market. Communicating a new brand to the world is basically pointless without a strong voice behind it.

Understanding your audience is key. It goes without saying, the voice must match the ideals and values of the business. It can’t just simply create a persona,  digital marketing agencies have the difficult task of creating voices that your target audience can connect with and understand. Each and every consumer should feel like they are being specifically spoken to. This may seem like a challenge, but if you get to know your audience on a deeper level— communicating to them and establishing a strong voice with no boundaries can be simple.

As you work on nailing the voice, it’s helpful to know who you’re trying to communicate to beyond the basic demographics of your target audience. Breaking down the audience even further by asking questions like ‘what do they care about?’ or ‘what do they do for fun’ to really attempt to pick the brains of your audience.  Remember, you want your brand’s voice to be authentic and natural, consumers will know right away if you’re faking it.  

Another simple way to make sure you really understand your audience is to get consumer feedback.  Sometimes it’s easy to miss things about ourselves that others might see, the same goes for a brand. There’s no point in creating a voice that differs from how your consumers really see your brand.

Here’s a couple of examples of brands that really capture their audience. We have been working with The Barwon Heads Hotel – a pub down on the Bellarine Peninsula – to encapsulate their audience of a younger-sophisticated demographic on their social platforms. Check out @Barwonheadshotel on Instagram to see how we have used photography and creative copy to create a voice for their brand. Another brand with a great voice is the Park Your Pet App. We developed their professional, yet playful voice understanding their diverse target market of local councils and dog owners. Check out their website www.parkyourpet.com.au!

Each brand needs to be unique, and in the world of digital marketing, a brand with no voice is just an empty space waiting to be filled by someone else. Check out our work for Pearly Whites Australia, where each video advertisement creatively talks to a specific consumer and their habits.

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Curious to see how your digital marketing stacks up?

Let the pros give you a free audit.